Everyone wants to look glamorous, although sometimes finances get in the way. Here, we will take a look at some cheap ways to look fashionable and stylish even when you can’t afford a whole new designer wardrobe.

Sometimes less is more when it comes to looking stylish. Simple, classic looks with a few great accessories can make you look glamorous. Your wardrobe should have some timeless pieces which can be worn over and over again, ensuring you can always look great when you can’t afford to go shopping for anything new. A little black dress always looks glamorous, and all white outfits are always in style too.

If you want to have designer goods but can’t afford to pay full price, there are some websites where you can find more affordable LV bags. Be very careful when shopping online though – if a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is. There are loads of fake, knock-off designer bags and clothes online, so if the price is substantially lower than it should be, it’s probably fake (unless it’s second-hand in which case it might be genuine).

Another great, easy way to ensure you are always looking great is to have clothes which fit well. Choose clothing which suits your body shape. Clothes which hang off you when they aren’t supposed to, or pieces which are overly clingy never look good, and can make expensive clothes look cheap.

In terms of hair and make-up, again simple is usually best. A classic ponytail worn well is sure to make you look fantastic. Make up should also be simple and elegant, such as a classic red lip and flawless foundation. This looks much more glam than packing on layers and layer of make-up which just looks false.