The Top Secret to Saving Money

I have always lived in the moment!

But when the 2008 recession happened, I was so shaken that I have made a mental note to myself to have a saving cushion for myself.  I realize in the hindsight that I could have been in serious trouble in case I had to be handed the pink slip.

God was kind to me and gave me another chance. But I have learned my lesson. I have become a very thrifty shopper and I believe in stashing at least twenty percent of my salary in a saving account.

Budgeting can reveal so many surprises!

For instance, I did not in my wildest dreams think that my grocers and food and drinking bills were the highest in the month. On the contrary, I believed that my rent was the sucker. How wrong I was.

Create a list of the things that you ordinarily buy for your home:

Pantry and non-pantry items and those that needed to be periodically upped were drawn in a list. Once, I knew the items I set about on apps like Couponobox to search for saving and discount coupons. Apps such as this one are so convenient that you don’t have to physically hunt for coupons like previously. The app has the feature where you electronically clip the coupon and save it on your phone and when you want to use it all you need to do is to scan the coupon at the cashier and you are good to go!

Couponing has helped me save a lot:

I will not call myself an extreme couponer a la the TV show that aired a few years ago but yes I do get on to the internet once a week and clip the coupons digitally. The saving I make is humungous and I have been able to afford vacations – that is something that I am surprised with!