7 Secrets to Dress Like a K-Pop Idol on a Budget

Fans love copying their favorite singers’ looks and style, but of course we often don’t have the same budget as celebrities. Many stars love choosing designer goods which most of us simply can’t afford. Here, we will look at 7 great ways to dress like your favorite K-pop star, on a tight budget.

  1. Follow the latest photos and videos of your idol so you can keep up with their latest styles.
  2. You can buy costumes based on K-pop stars outfits, but these will usually set you back a few hundred dollars. Instead, look around stores and see if you can find similar clothes to closely re-create the look. You don’t need to copy the outfit fully, unless perhaps it is for a costume party. Instead, put your own spin on things!
  3. Make-up is also an important part of a K-pop look, for both boys and girls. Eyeliner is usually part of K-pop style, as is foundation for a flawless complexion.
  4. Lip gloss could be worn by males and females to make the lips look kissable and shiny.
  5. The BTS merch site has some great pieces which are inspired by the band’s style.
  6. Hairstyles are also important when trying to emulate your favorite artist’s look. You might wish to have it cut or styled differently, or even dye it a crazy color. There are loads of different styles popular with K-pop artists, so you can experiment and find your own style.
  7. Accessories can also help you create the perfect K-pop look, and can make a plain outfit look much more fabulous. A large hair bow or a fancy cap are great choices. You can also choose big earrings or other pieces of jewelry to help finish off your look.