The Ultimate Farmers’ Market Shopping List

Going shopping at the farmers market is exciting. There are so many colors and smells involved and you get to pick up from the seasonal veggies and fruits which makes it a feast for anyone’s senses. If you want to shop only at the farmers market and avoid visiting the grocery store then here is what you should keep in mind.

Making a shopping list

To be able to make a shopping list to buy from the farmers market you will first need to have a meal plan. Once you decide what you will be eating for the week you can then decide what ingredients you would need to prepare your meal. You can add these ingredients to the shopping list at the farmers market. But take care to keep the list a little flexible in case you do not get what you are exactly looking for. Also, check out the best splitting axe when you go shopping at the farmers market.

Make a list so that you can stock your fridge and pantry

Your list should also include things that you would want to keep stocked in your fridge and pantry. You could look to buy some of the ingredients extra from the farmers market too. Like things that can be frozen and used later are some of the produces from the farmers market that you can buy and stock them for some time.

It is all about being creative

At the farmers’ market try to be creative. Even though you may have a list of things to shop for you could also try out some fresh produces from the market that may not be a part of your list. Also, keep the shopping list flexible. In case you do not get what you want then try to substitute the item in your list with something else. The farmers market lets you be creative. Also, shop and then experiment with your recipes to come up with different flavors and tastes.