It may seem easiest or unworthy but picking a right toy for your kid is a serious business. The simplest toys may bore your kid while the advanced ones will aggravate them. Searching a toy that matches their skill that helps your kid to explore and educate them is the actual task. It is an investment in the early development of your kids. Whatever toys you choose, just take care of these few points:

  • Age appropriate: Always remember, the toy you choose should be appropriate for the kid’s age. For the first year, you can buy musical and visual toys which can attract the kid, rattles and bath toys. Soft stuffed toys and push pull toys can also be preferred. As the child grows, you can start buying picture books, blocks, modeling clay, shape sorters or simple puzzles. Crayons, coloring and drawing books, music instruments, puppets or tricycles are some of the toy gift ideas for pre-schoolers as these toys don’t require any adult supervision. You can also choose ride-on toys for young kids as they simply love it.
  • Safe toys: The toy you choose for your kid should be safe enough at the same time appealing. Avoid sharp or pointed toys, no strings or ropes for toddlers as they can wrap them around their neck and no hard objects as they can hit themselves. Also, avoid any kind of electronic objects and small toys for young kids. Buttons or stones increase the risk of choking. Toys made from lead or lead based paint should be avoided.
  • Chemical toys: Little kids often put toys in their mouth and that is why it is necessary to check the chemical formulation of material the toys are made up of. These chemicals may lead to harmful results like asthma or behavioral issues. The toy you buy should be able to clear all the toy standards.