You finally got your very own sex swing, but now, you must install it. And to do that, you have to put an eye hook in your ceiling or a beam. The problem is, you’re not sure what to tell your future guests. We’ve got the perfect solution.


Sure, you love that you can have all the fun you want behind the closed doors, but what you don’t really like is the idea of everyone knowing. However, If you want your sex swing to be safe, you will hang it from the ceiling, or a beam, and you will install a big, firm eye hook. And that’s very visible. It is something that tells everyone who sees it “we hook something big here.” And when people start thinking about it, they will realize you don’t have a punching bag around, and their minds will gravitate toward sex swings.


Now, although we believe there’s nothing wrong with sex swings, your grandma, parents, or vanilla friends might not be cool with it. People can form a lot of negative opinions based on that hook.


And if you’re not ready for everyone to know, you might want to hide your little kinks. Now, hiding the swing itself isn’t a hard task at all – throw it into your closet, under the bed, or even in your linen box. But, what might be a problem is that stainless steel eye hook that protrudes from above, daring people to guess what you might be using it for.


Here’s how to hide it easily.


Buy a cheap smoke detector

Go to the local dollar store, and get the cheapest, lousiest smoke detector you can find. You won’t use it, so you don’t need to read about its performance and features. The only thing you must pay attention to – the detector has to be as deep as the eye of your eye hook.


Break your newest purchase

Break the detector, and take everything out of it. You won’t be using it for its original purpose, so you don’t need the batteries or the rest of the tech that’s inside. After all, you don’t want your cover-up detector to start chirping and demanding a battery change. So, once you’re left with the shell only, drill a hole in the center of it. Use the same drill bit you used for the eye hook hole.


Put it up there

Line up the hole on the ceiling with the one you just made on the smoke detector. Screw the eye hook in. That massive piece of hardware should be enough to hold the smoke alarm in place. But, if it isn’t, use the screws that came with the detector.

Use the swing

Have fun in your new sex swing, and break it in while safely swinging from the ceiling. See what a Sex Swing can do for your sex life at Cum swing with me


Hide the swing

Throw the swing into the previously determined hiding place. Put the top of the smoke detector back onto its base. That way you will create the perfect camouflage and cover the eye hook completely.


No one will ever know, and you won’t have to worry about judgmental looks.


Swing away!