No one likes living from pay check to pay check without any spare cash at the end of the month. Here, we will take a look at some ways to end the cycle of constantly being broke, and help you manage you your finances better.

One of the first steps you can take to beat being broke is to stop spending money on items you don’t really need. You could try recording all your purchases over the month, then look back at the end to see what was really essential and what was just an impulse buy. Alternatively, if you only buy things you really do need, try to look for cheaper versions. Steering away from big brands is often a good way to save money. However, do make sure you aren’t compromising on quality where necessary.

Another great way to start better managing your finances is to take care of yourself. Make sure you are in a positive mental state and feeling good about yourself and life in general. If you haven’t already got one, now is a great time to really start looking for a job. It doesn’t matter if it’s not something related to your preferred career path, but even a part-time job is a great way to boost your confidence and get you ready to start handling your finances better.

You should also look at reasonable ways to cut expenses. Compare different providers for your electric and internet for example. You could also consider moving to a cheaper apartment, if you rent, or see about getting a room-mate if you have a spare bedroom.

Another easy way to get on top of your finances is to focus. Take a break from social media, television and other distractions and make a plan. Take a note of what you want to achieve, and the steps you can take to get to your goal. is a great website which offers the opportunity to borrow money online if you are really struggling to keep up with your expenses, and are getting into debt. You can choose the sum you wish to borrow and the period of time, so you can ensure repayments will be sensible and affordable. This is a great solution for those who have struggled with their finances in the past, as many lenders don’t need a good credit score to lend you money.