Grocery shopping with kids running around the store can be extremely stressful and embarrassing at times when they decide to just get bored and be kids. However, you can turn the situation around and turn the situation around. You can not only indulge them and keep them occupied but also teach them to shop for groceries.

Here are five great tips to teach your kids to shop for groceries:

  1. List – Let your children sit with you when you make the list. This can be a never-ending task as kids will just keep adding to the list and you will be spending more time explaining how certain items are not permitted in your house, etc. It can even be as tiresome as shopping on with your kids looking into your screen. However, spend the time and involve them while making your monthly list.
  2. Spot The Items – You can organize a mini competition between your children. Split the list and ask them to go get the items on their list. The one who gets them all right will be rewarded. Kids are great at observation as the young minds just take in everything they see. They will learn where different items are placed, what brands to choose and also reduce your shopping time.
  3. Expiry Dates – Though stores ensure items stocked are of good quality and are well within the expiry dates, it is essential to teach the kids to look out for these dates. This will teach them to choose perishables wisely. Certain items are stocked on a daily basis. Teach them to look out for fresher items.
  4. Billing – Standing in line and paying for what you bought can be the most tiresome job in a grocery store. Let your oldest child handle it while you supervise. This way, they will learn to handle money and also become more patient.
  5. Bag It Up – Many stores expect you to bag your own items. If you have younger kids, let them do the bagging while the older one pays. This way they will learn to share their workload and get things done together.